Happy Adoptions!

Shelter Me Photography Family Portrait Session

Our Shelter Me "Happy Adoptions!" program is designed to change the perception that shelter pets are damaged and do not make good family pets by showcasing beautiful imagery of happy adoptive families with their adopted pets.

Budget $5,000
Category Animal-Related  - Animal Protection & Welfare
Target population Animals

Definition of short-term success:

We will develop and implement a social media strategy and campaign around showcasing happy adoptive families and their pets. 

Definition of long-term success:

Success will be achieved when research shows that negative perceptions of shelter pets as friendly family members are on the decline and adoptions are on the increase. We will use our photographic efforts to showcase happy adoptive families with their adopted pet in a variety of settings and through social media to spread the message.

Program success monitored by:

We will field informal surveys to track perceptions of shelter pets before and after the social media efforts. we will evaluate feedback and optimize the creative accordingly and on an ongoing basis to ensure results are being attained.

Examples or evidence of program success:

A high amount of engagement and sharing of the photos, including others sharing their own story of pet adoption success as well as informal survey data indicating changing perceptions of shelter pets in family situations.

If you would like to support Our Shelter Me Photography Happy Adoptions! Program:

We appreciate every gesture of kindness. Thank you for helping us, help them.