Click! You're Home.

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Our Shelter Me "Click! You're Home." program offers long-term and harder-to-adopt shelter pets a professional pet portrait. In this program, Shelter-Me Photography (SMP) professionally photographs and promotes shelter animals by directly photographing the animals and working with shelter staff to photograph animals most in need of a home. SMP processes the images and provides web-ready files to the shelter for their website and uploads the images to it's Facebook page for sharing.

Budget $25,000
Category Animal-Related  - Animal Protection & Welfare
Target population Animals
General Public

Definition of short-term success

The short-term goals of the Click! You're Home programs are to:

1. Double the number of sheltered pets throughout the state of Colorado whose photos we take and publicize.
3. Identify long-term (over 5 years) shelter pets throughout the state of Colorado, photograph them and share their photos and story in social media to help them find a family.
3. Create more shelter pet awareness by partnering with key supporters in Colorado.
4. Double the number of pets we photograph in some of the neediest communities throughout the US.

Definition of long-term success:

Success will be attained when every wonderful, friendly shelter pet is adopted and gets to experience the warmth and love of a family instead of facing an uncertain future simply because, through no fault of its own, it became homeless. 

This change will come about as we, through photography, make more people aware that shelter pets are not the damaged pets they see in sad tv ads, but rather beautiful pets with unique character and heart. 

Program success monitored by:

We will evaluate our statistics, collect and evaluate feedback and optimize our efforts on an ongoing basis throughout the year

Examples or evidence of program success:

Many shelters have related that our photos result in adoptions. Here are a couple of examples.

1. Shortly after posting our images online, the Aurora Animal Shelter in Aurora, Colorado reported that 100% of the animals we photographed had been adopted.

2. Our images have facilitated the adoptions of numerous long-term, hard-to-place residents like Puppo, a pit bull that had been in a no-kill shelter for over five years without a visitor! Four days after the shelter posted his picture, a woman called to inquire about him then drove over 100 miles to adopt him!

3. Our images have facilitated the removal of dogs from scheduled euthanasia and facilitated their subsequent adoptions. As example is Scooby. His story, as told by the shelter kennel manager, is as follows:

"One of our pit bulls, Scooby, had come back to us and protocol said we should put this dog to sleep. Then I looked at Nanette's beautiful photo of him. It was amazing. His beautiful eyes, one sky blue and one golden, looked back at me pleadingly. I simply could not do it. Based on that photo, I made a vow to Scooby that we would find him the right home. It took many months, but the right person finally found him. He is now in his forever home. He is safe. Nanette's photo saved his life."

If You Would Like To Support Our Shelter Me Photography Click! Your Home. Program:

We appreciate every gesture of kindness. Thank you for helping us, help them.